A body’s movement can be a contagious event. We watch a person move in some way, and it is an easy thing to project ourselves into that motion as something we could, or already do experience. If we see someone fall, we wince. If an arm moves sharply instead of gently, we may feel a sense of urgency. We psychologically and at times, physically echo movements that we only see.

In this way, gesture can significantly impact the way that we feel, think, and comprehend situations. Occurring both inside and outside of ourselves, movement is a ubiquitous presence, from one’s hands punctuating a conversation, to internal reflexes accompanying a thought. Even the absence of movement articulates a certain palpable sensation and comprehension of feeling. We witness these micro-movements and visualize our relationships through them, understanding their meaning in a way beyond language.

Through sculpturally positioned video, this work focuses squarely on the communicative gesture itself, caught in the midst of transmitting its meaning, and barely set within a simple context. Ordinary situations such as self-conscious forgetting, awkward silences in conversation, or nervousness at being the center of attention become the base setting for each work. Viewers are left to fill in the fuller story with their own experiences and bodily memories of gesture and reflex.